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Greenall, Martin

Postdoc Marie Curie (2010-2012)

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Postdoc Marie Curie (2010-2012)

Martin Greenall is currently Professor at the Aberystwyth University, UK.


  • Greenall, M. J., Schuetz, P., Furzeland, S., Atkins, D., Buzza, D. M. A.,
    Butler, M. F., & McLeish, T. C. B. (2011). Controlling the Self-Assembly of
    Binary Copolymer Mixtures in Solution through Molecular Architecture,
    44(13), 5510-5519.
  • Schuetz, P., Greenall, M. J., Bent, J., Furzeland, S., Atkins, D., Butler, M. F.,
    McLeish, T. C. B., & Buzza, D. M. A. (2011). Controlling the micellar
    morphology of binary PEO-PCL block copolymers in water-THF through
    controlled blending, Soft Matter 7(2) , 749-759.

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