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Madeline Vauthier

In 2015, Madeline Vauthier obtained her engineering diploma at the ECPM (Ecole européenne de Chimie, Polymères et Matériaux), University of Strasbourg and a M.Sc. degree in Material Sciences from the University of Strasbourg. During her M.Sc., she spent 6 months working in the Institut Charles Sadron (UPR22, University of Strasbourg) on the elaboration/design and characterization of multilayer films (polyelectrolytes & CaCO3 nanoparticles) using Layer-by-Layer technique under the supervision of Prof. Gero Decher and Dr. Olivier Felix.

She earned her Ph.D. degree in Material Chemistry (2018) from the University of Haute Alsace (UMR 7361, France) working under the direction of Prof. Vincent Roucoules and Dr. Florence Bally-Le Gall, where her thesis work dealt with the elaboration of smart coatings with interfacial thermoreversible properties. More precisely, the aim of this study was to design functional coatings (by post-functionalizing plasma polymers) that react via Diels-Alder chemistry, a thermoreversible reaction between a diene and a dienophile, and to understand their interfacial reactivity. A kinetics and thermodynamics methodology has then been developed to characterize thoroughly Diels-Alder interfacial reaction on coatings with various physico-chemical properties. The reversibility of this reaction under mild conditions was also investigated and outstanding results have been obtained without any alteration of the functional polymer coating even after five Diels-Alder / retro-Diels-Alder cycles. These results have led to the successful proof of concept of the reversible covalent adhesion between solid substrates.

She then worked one year (2018-2019) at Institut Charles Sadron as an ATER (temporary assistant professor) in the Precision Macromolecular Chemistry team, where she elaborated biocompatible, biodegradable stimuli-responsive polymeric nanoparticles.

In 2019, she permanently joined the Institut Charles Sadron as an assistant professor, teaching at the chemistry engineering school ECPM, and working on smart nano-objects .



Polymer science, microfluidic systems, material chemistry, surface engineering, polymeric nanoparticles for targeted applications, polymersomes, encapsulation, stimuli-responsive polymers



In the team, we are interested in developing intensified polymer processes based on microreaction technology/microfluidic devices for the continuous-flow production of controlled-features polymeric micro- and nanoparticles. I am particularly interested in the functionalization of (bio)polymers or polymeric particles in order to control the systems' characteristics and morphologies (spheres, Janus, core-shell) only by changing the particles’ environment properties (= stimuli-responsive polymeric particles). Targeted applications include but not restricted to sensorics and theranostics.



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