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Publié le 09/03/2023 par Plamont Rémi

Since February 2023, the ICS welcomes Rémi Plamont as Chargé de Recherche in the team SAMS. Rémi has obtained his PhD in 2015 from Aix-Marseille university where he has developed novel methodologies for the synthesis of polyaza-macrocycles. After his PhD he did three postdoctoral fellowships in the field of supramolecular systems. In the first one, at Jussieu in Paris, he has developed redox-flexible hybrid materials for energy storage. In 2017, he joined the group of Nathalie Katsonis, in the Netherlands, where he worked on switchable supramolecular materials and out-of-equilibrium heterogeneous systems using molecular machines. He then joined the group of Olli Ikkala, at Aalto University in Finland, in order to investigate photo-initiated, non-linear self-assembly of nanoparticles and the Marangoni propulsion of micro-droplets directed by electric fields.

At the ICS, he will exploit the mechanical work of light-triggered molecular motors to amplify the molecular rotation on the nano-, micro- and macro-scale. Rémi hopes to start fruitful collaborations with ICS members and to contribute to thrilling ongoing research projects.

Beside work, Rémi enjoys playing with his 3.5-year-old son and, on the (low) remaining time, working out, miniature painting, videogames and sci-fi.