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Publié le 24/06/2024 par Brinkmann Martin

A collaboration (ITN project HORATES) between the group of M. Brinkmann (Sycommor) and the group of M. Kemerink (Uni. Heidelberg, Germany) helped identify a method to improve and stabilize transport properties in oriented doped polymer films used for thermoelectric properties. The exchange of F4TCNQ- anions with TFSI- anions leads to a remarkable stabilisation of thermoelectric properties at 40% of initial performances after 50 days of ageing. Numerical exact kinetic Monte Carlo simulations demonstrate that the localisation of the dopant counter ions in the amorphous or cristalline phases (or both phases) determines the mechanism and time scale of the dedoping mechanim. These results have been published in the journal Adv. funct. Mater. ( and helped the PhD student Shubrhadip Guchait to win the EMRS 2024 Young Researcher Award for Symposium T (

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