Institut Charles Sadron Equipement

Confocal Microscopy acheté le 2019-04-30

The microscope chassis is the inverted TE2000 Nikon. It is equipped with both traditional bright field, and epifluores- cence modules. The following objectives are available: x10, x20, x40 DIC, x40 Phase Contrast, x60 WI DIC, x100 OIL. The confocal module is available with the following laser wavelengths: 408 nm, 456-477-488-514 nm, and 543 nm. Images at three wavelengths can be acquired simultaneously, using three PMTs. Alternatively, images can be acquired in the ’spectral mode’, using a unique 32-channel PMT spectral detector, bandwidth per channel: 2.5, 5, or 10 nm.

Responsable : Muller Pierre
Localisation : F142
Visiblité : interne
Provenance : fabricant
Réservable : oui