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Fouzia Boulmedais

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Fouzia Boulmedais graduated from the University of Strasbourg where she received her Ph.D. in chemistry and physical chemistry in 2003. In 2004, she worked as a post-doc with prof. Marcus Textor at ETH Zurich (Switzerland) and with Prof. Gleb Sukhorukhov at Max Planck Institute (Golm, Allemagne) in electrodissolution of multilayers of polyelectrolytes. After a second post-doc with Valérie Marchi on functionalisation of quantum dots, she was appointed CNRS researcher at Institut Charles Sadron in Strasbourg in 2006. She obtained her “Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches” in 2010.

Research interest

Nowadays, bottom-up processes of organized matter in order to design microstructured surfaces aare a well-established way finding an increasing number of applications in various areas. Since I joined the CNRS (2006), my work has been centered on the idea of developing thin coatings by different processes involving different molecules and their application in the biomedical field.

I have followed two research axes:

- the self-construction of polymer and polyphenol films by electrochemistry and their application in the field of biosensors

- the study of polyelectrolyte films, using natural and biosourced polymer, and their application in the field of biomaterials

Axe 1:  Electrotriggered self-construction of polymeric films. The concept of morphogenic self-construction of films whose buildup is triggered by the presence of a molecule, which plays the role of the morphogens, is currently enriched. Our goal here is to develop new chemical tools allowing generating microstructured polymeric films exclusively at a surface by using electrochemistry. The obtained microstructures should be totally new related to morphogenic gradients used.


Axe 2 :Biomaterials: the chemistry-biology interface. In collaboration with the Biomaterial and Bioengineering laboratory (INSERM UMR 1121, Strasbourg), and the Biomaterials and inflammation in bone site laboratory (BIOS, Reims), part of our research is dedicated to the development of polyelectrolyte-based coatings or architectures for the development of antibacterial coatings and anti-inflammatory. In the field of biomaterials, one of the challenges when implanting an implant is to avoid bacterial contamination that can cause sepsis to the patient. For this purpose, we develop non-stick coatings against bacteria but also bactericidal.


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