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Laure Biniek works at Institut Charles Sadron in Strasbourg (France), as CNRS researcher (since 2014).  She is  a member of STELORG, the electronic organic consortium located in Strasbourg, ITI HiFunMat  and GFP Section Est.

At ICS, she holds the role of sustainable development referent to study the environmental impact of the Institute and facilitate the implementation of GHG reduction trajectories. The approach is supported by Labos 1point5.

Her research interest focuses on structure-property correlations for organic electronic applications. She is currently developping new conducting polymer porous structure for thermoelectrics. She has also experience in polymer synthesis and structure and morphology control of (semi)-conducting polymers in thin films. At ICS, she gained expertise in multi-scale and correlative structural analyses through (cryo)-Electron microscopy  and X-ray scattering and spectroscopy techniques.

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Habilitation, “Macromolecular and structural engineering of pi-conjugated materials for organic electronics” at Strasbourg University
2010 PhD Thesis, "Low-band gap semi-conducting polymers for photovoltaics" with Prof. T.Heiser and G. Hadziioannou at Strasbourg
Master Diploma in polymer material science, Lyon University
2005 Bachelor in Chemistry, Lyon University


Associate editor in Frontiers in Electronic Materials.


Abstract: What if body heat could power wearable devices, medical monitors and watches with ultralight, cheap and flexible thermoelectric devices? BODYTEG project aims at taking advantage of the very low thermal conductivity of aerogels made of highly conducting polymers to elaborate new thermoelectric generators. On this basis, BODYTEG has accordingly four main objectives: i) producing both p- and n-type conductive polymer aerogels (CPAs) with controlled morphology, ii) taking benefit of the porous network to decrease the thermal conductivity of the CPAs, iii) maintaining good mechanical and electrical properties of the aerogel, iv) correlate the structure of the CPAs with their electrical and thermal properties. Ultimately this 42 months project aims to thermoelectric devices with a figure of merit larger by at least one order of magnitude than the present state of the art. Their performances should allow them to power the wearable sensors used in outdoor activities or in medical diagnostic.




S. Vijay Thakkar, T. Nabiyeva, Q. Weinbach, H. Bhatia, Z. Liu, T. Ferté, C. Leuvrey, A. Carvalho, B. C. Schroeder, L. Biniek,
N-type thermoelectric bulk composite based on poly(nickel-ethylenetetrathiolate): The positive effect of porosity on decreasing thermal conductivity,
Polymer, 2024, Volume 296, 126761.

S. Suresh, T. Nabiyeva, L. Biniek*, and E. B. Gowd,* Poly(vinylidene fluoride) Aerogels with α, β, and γ Crystalline Forms: Correlating Physicochemical Properties with Polymorphic Structures,  ACS Polym. Au 2024.


Q. Weinbach, N. Hmili, E. Gottis, G. Fleith, J. Combet, V. Papaefthimiou, V. Malesys, E. Denys, L. Simon, M. Schmutz, A. Carvalho, D.Constantin, L.Biniek, Tailoring the 3D porous structure of conducting PEDOT : PSS gels via ice-templating, Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 2023, 11, 7802 - 7816


Our first proof  of concept on promising thermoelectric efficiency with a porous conducting polymer has been published!

Efficient Control of a Mesoporous Fibrillar PEDOT:PSS Aerogel Structure for Promising Thermoelectric Applications, Q. Weinbach, S. V. Thakkar, A. Carvalho, J. Combet, D. Constantin, N. Stein , D. Collin, L. Biniek, *Efficient Control of a Mesoporous Fibrillar PEDOT:PSS Aerogel Structure for Promising Thermoelectric Applications, Front. Electron. Mater. 2022, 2:875856.


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