Institut Charles Sadron

Newcomers guide

Process to complete when you arrive

During the whole process, you have to be accompanied by a permanent member or post doctoral researcher from you team

Documents to sign

On your first day, in Odile Lemblé office

  • "Contrat de travail" – Working contract
  • "Fiche de sécurité" – Safety rules sheet
  • "Fiche de renseignements" – Information sheet
  • "Règlement intérieur" – Internal rules
  • Charte informatique
  • Informational sheet on thes "Bureau des Jeunes Chercheurs"

Getting the means of access

On your first day, in Virginie Oberlé's office

  • Keys of your office
  • Keys of your lab (if required)
  • Badge
  • Signature of the keys and badge delivery note
  • Photograph

Getting equipment

On your first day, in Jean-Marc Chauvelot's office

  • Badge activation and verification
  • Other general equipment, if required (labcoat, lab notebook, pen, ...)

Safety formation

A few days after your arrival, you will be contacted by Laurence Oswald (for the non-French speakers), or Guillaume Fleith (for the French speakers) to organize a general safety formation.

Newcomers day

Each year, during the month of November, a tour of the institute is organized, so that newcomers can better know the institute. On the same day, a general meeting of the lab is organized, so that the newcomers can present themselves. In the evening, an event is organized in a restaurant by the « Bureau des Jeunes chercheurs » to let people better know each other.