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Publié le 21/04/2021 par Drenckhan Wiebke

This crazy idea came out of the laboratories of the companies Esprit joueur and Va savoir. Without taking itself seriously, Le Curieux festival wishes to share poetry, humor and love of science through meetings and shows in which scientists and artists mix to offer you a curious and entertaining week for all!

From April 26 to 30, 2021, the sciences take the stage to challenge us, seduce us and make us laugh. The meetings will be remote, but no less touching!

Among the art/science couples is an Alsace bubble artist and a scientist from the ICS: Sébastien Kaufmann is a real magician of bubbles. He does what he wants with them, divides them, brings them together, multiplies them, or sends them to space in a cloud of smoke. But behind this magic are hidden the very special properties of soap and water. Wiebke Drenckhan is research director at CNRS and soap is her expertise. They were made to meet!

Meet both of them April 28 2021 at 13h15.