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Publié le 07/01/2022 par Ruiz Carretero Amparo

The well-known  "Chemical Communications" journal has an annual special collection to show research carried out by internationally recognized scientists in the early stages of their independent carriers, and who are making outstanding contributions to their respective fields.

Amparo Ruiz-Carretero, a SYCOMMOR team member, has been featured in this special collection. Together with Ana Maria Garcia, a postdoctoral researcher in her team, they have shown their work on chiral supramolecular semiconductors. The published article shows the divergent self-assembly pathway of chiral hydrogen-bonded quinquethiophene-rhodanine derivatives. Specifically, they show how different helical chirality emerges from the same enantiomer controlling parameters as solvent and temperature.

Their findings may have broad implications in the design of chiral nanostructures for applications as chiroptical switches, asymmetric catalysis, and spin filters. Their future directions are focused on implementing these chiral structures into electronic devices to analyze the impact of supramolecular chirality on charge transport processes.

This work forms part of an University of Strasbourg Institute for Advanced Science (USIAS) project, awarded to Amparo Ruiz-Carretero to explore the role of chirality and spin dynamics in guiding charge carriers.

The article can be found here: