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Context :

This recruitment will take place in the context of strengthening training activities in connection with the HiFunMat Interdisciplinary Thematic Institute "Hierarchical and Functional Materials for Health, the Environment and Energy" supported by the ICS, whose Graduate School is mainly supported by the courses of the Faculty of Physics and Engineering. The Faculty's projects for this ITI are the opening of a "Materials Sciences" course in the Physics Licence and the setting up of a Materials Master's degree, backed up by the research of the HiFunMat excellence cluster.

The Institute Charles Sadron ( is an internationally recognized player in the field of polymeric materials and self-assembly. Structured in seven research teams and four platforms, the ICS brings together 53 researchers and teacher-researchers, 38 engineers, technicians and administrative staff and around 100 doctoral students, post-docs, associate researchers and interns. Following a multidisciplinary approach, the scientific mission of the Institute covers the science of polymers and self-assembled systems, from the formation mechanisms of macromolecules to the fundamental understanding of their properties, both in the dispersed and condensed phase. ICS has a strong need to complete its expertise in the field of soft matter. Indeed, for several years, porous materials such as hydrogel foam or aerogel have been developed within the different teams of the Institute. These materials are used as well in the field of catalysis, dressings, thermoelectricity or tissue engineering, and their studies open great perspectives from the industrial. The tenure-tracked professor will be involved in one of the ICS teams: .

Job profile :

Teach 42 h of courses (or 64 h of tutorials) per year at the Faculty of Physics and Engineering (University of Strasbourg, Strasbourg) for undergraduated (1st-to 3rd year BS) and graduated (Master degree in Material science) students. The teaching activities will be strongly correlated with the research focus of the candidate related to the design, formulation and processing of new hierarchical materials based on establishing the relationships between their structure and their functional properties in bulk, in solutions and at interfaces. Teaching activities will have to outreach students with concepts related to sustainability, ethics and social responsibility related to materials and more generally to science.

A good knowledge of French it is required for teaching.


Research fields:

Keywords: Bio-inspired functional materials, multi-scale structure-property relationships, organic electronic, soft matter, non-equilibrium systems.

• build an independent and internationally visible research program on the design and the structure-property characterization and control of new polymeric hierarchical materials, in particular the coupling with rheological and physical-chemistry of polymers or in organic electronic context with a particular interest in non-equilibrium systems and sustainable development issues.

• develop collaborative research programs with researchers of ICS

• secure external funding from private, national and international entities to sustain in the future a high level of research and scholarship.

Required Qualifications

• PhD in soft matter and/or polymer science (chemistry, physics, physical-chemistry or materials) an interest in transdisciplinary work.

• A minimum of 2 years of postdoctoral research experience.

Preferred Qualifications

• Record of successful team work in a collaborative environment

• Experience of successfully supervising graduate (PhD and MS) and undergraduate students;

• Strong interpersonal and communication skills;

• Excellent command of English and experience in teaching in French.

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