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Publié le 20/11/2022 par Boulmedais Fouzia

During his PhD under the supervision of Fouzia Boulmedais in collaboration with Florent Meyer (INSERM UMR 1121) supported by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, Muhammad Haseeb Iqbal used a simple and potent method, i.e. the brushing, to develop functional and anisotropic layer-by-layer nanocoatings (i) for the design of human muscle fibers using collagen and tannic acid and (ii) with bioinspired antibacterial nanotopographical features. The C'Nano PhD award 2022 in Interdisciplinary research, which will be presented to him at the C'Nano 2023 congress in March in Poitiers, recognize his multidisciplinary work between physical chemists and biologists.

Congratulations !