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Publié le 05/03/2024 par Drenckhan Wiebke

Having graduated in Chemistry, Jennifer Rodon Fores obtained her Doctorate at the University of Strasbourg in 2019, supervised by Pr. Loic Jierry. Her thesis focused on developing and characterising enzyme-initiated peptide self-assemblies: studying the mechanisms of formation and their localisation, as well as the emerging properties of these self-assemblies. Through several pre- and post-doctoral experiences, she has had the opportunity to work in fields complementary to supramolecular chemistry. First, she spent 6 months in the laboratory of Prof. Clotilde Policar at the École Normale Supérieur de Paris, where she was introduced to bioinorganic chemistry and, in particular, combinatorial chemistry. After her thesis, she joined the laboratory of Prof. Job Boekhoven at the Technical University of Munich (Germany), where she continued her research on chemically driven self-assemblies. In 2022, she joined the laboratory of Prof. Pierre Schaaf and Dr. Philippe Lavalle at CRBS in Strasbourg. There, she was introduced to cell biology and microbiology in the context of the development of antibacterial peptides.

 In February 2024, she joined the ICS as a CNRS researcher (Section 16) in the PECMAT team. For her research, she plans to develop biomaterials based on peptide self-assembly for infection control and tissue engineering. In particular, she wants to explore the relationship between the peptide sequence and the resulting properties of the self-assemblies. She is therefore keen to join the ICS, which, given its multidisciplinary nature, is the ideal environment in which to develop her research. She is also excited about the prospect of new collaborations with ICS members.

Outside research, Jennifer enjoys reading, painting and discovering new places and their history.