Institut Charles Sadron Présentation

The Quality of Life at Work (QVT) cell gathers seven permanent members of the laboratory and one student from the BJC. It gathers together regularly, to evolve its actions with an objective of constant improvement of the quality of life at work and communication between people in the lab, in order to reinforce links and to favour social cohesion. Every new project having this objective is welcome!

During the past two years, many actions where done :
(i) the vITaminés coffees: didactic presentations for the ITs on research, work or lab techniques;
(ii) a "spring cleaning" day of offices, labs and common areas, closed with a pot at the cafeteria;
(iii) a "Faites de la Science" ("Do Science") day with a morning dedicated to 180 seconds doctorant presentations about their research activities, a "méchoui" breakfast and a recreation afternoon with games.

Laureate of the "QVT 2017" call for proposals of the CNRS direction, the QVT cell took in charge the renovation and reorganization of the cafeteria, living and meeting place of the laboratory. A lunch area, a relaxation area, games and reading, as well as a multimedia place were created, to make the cafeteria more friendly and to help discussions. The multimedia place is equipped with a connected touch-screen, for everyone, to share scientific, cultural or social information.

The QVT members are :

  • Aurélie Hourlier-Fargette (Responsible)
  • Guillaume Fleith
  • Anaïs de Maria
  • Jean Muller
  • Katia Bruzzone
  • Marc Basler
  • Nadia Barkani
  • Olivier Felix
  • Wiebke Drenckhan