Strasbourg October 12th-14th 2015

The Sino-French Symposium on Polymers and Soft Matter was initiated in 2009 by the ESPCI and the University of Fudan. After three successful editions in Shanghai (May 2009), Paris (October 2010) and Hefei (May 2012), the Charles Sadron Institute is proud to welcome the IVth edition of the Symposium to Strasbourg. Located at the border between France and Germany, Strasbourg is famous for its single-tower cathedral, its old historical center and, of course, for its wine and food culture!

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The symposium is free, but registration is required, as the number of participants is limited to 90 persons. Registration deadline is October 1st.

A poster session will be held Monday afternoon, please specify in your registration if you want to present a poster.

To register, simply send an email to the organization committee of the fourth Sino-French symposium 2015.

The symposium will take place at the Charles Sadron Institute.




TANG Benzhong (Hong Kong Univ.)

AIE-Active Macromolecules

LECOMMANDOUX Sébastien (Univ. of Bordeaux)

Self-assembled polymersomes as virus and cell mimics

CHARLEUX Bernadette (Saint Gobain)

Global R&D at Saint-Gobain and focus on the polymer activities in China

LIU Shiyong (Univ. Sci. & Technol. China, Hefei)

Hyperbranched Self-Immolative Polymers (hSIPs) for Programmed Payload Delivery and Ultrasensitive Detection

TANG Chuanbing (Univ. of South Carolina)

Metallocene Polyelectrolytes: from Chemoselective Synthesis to Biomedical Applications

DESTARAC Mathias (Univ. of Toulouse)

Some new trends in aqueous RAFT/MADIX polymerization

LI Min-Hui (Chimie ParisTech – PSL)

Towards biocompatible and biodegradable stimuli-responsive polymersomes

NICOLAY Renaud (ESPCI Paristech – PSL)

Exploring old and new dynamic covalent chemistries for formulation and material science

ZHOU Yongfeng (Shanghai Jiaotong Univ.)

Facile Functionalization of polymeric self-assemblies

THALMANN Fabrice (Univ. of Strasbourg)

Investigating lipid membrane dynamics at a nanoscale with excimer fluorescence: lessons from molecular dynamics simulations

CHASSENIEUX Christophe (Univ. of le Mans)

Amphiphilic Block Copolymers : Search for Tunable dynamics

LI Zichen (Peking Univ.)

Importance of Monomer Sequence in Controlling the Properties of Polymers

WANG Feng (Univ. Sci. & Technol. China, Hefei)

Controlled Supramolecular Polymerization Based on the π-Conjugated Organometallic Building Blocks

PONSINET Virginie (Univ. of Bordeaux)

Polymer self-assembly: towards materials with novel optical properties

XU Chunye (Univ. Sci. & Technol. China, Hefei)

Self-polarized piezoelectric thin films: preparation, formation mechanism and application

OBERDISSE Julian (Univ. of Montpellier)

Contrast matching gone wrong? A study of chain conformation in polymer nanocomposites.

DUCHET Jannick (Univ. of Lyon)

Ionic liquids : new additives for the polymer materials

CHEN Hongzheng (Zhejiang Univ.)

Enhanced Efficiency of Polymer and Perovskite Solar Cells Via Interface Engineering

TRIBET Christophe (ENS Paris – PSL)

Dynamic surface switches based on adlayers of stimuli-responsive poly(Lysine) comb-like copolymers


WOISEL Patrice (Univ. of Lille)

Supramolecular chemistry: a powerful tool to elaborate “colourful” multi-stimuli responsive macromolecular assemblies

GRANDE Daniel (CNRS – Thiais)

Crossing porosity scales in functional polymer materials: From design to application

XU Huaping (Tsinghua Univ.)

ROS Responsive Selenium-containing Polymers

ZHU Jintao (Huazhong Univ. of Sci. and Tech.)

Assembly of Block Copolymers in 3D Confined Geometry

THOMAS Christophe (Chimie ParisTech – PSL)

Polymerization of Heterocycles: a Simple Approach to Sequence Control in Polymer Synthesis

HEUX Laurent (Univ. of Grenoble)

Man-made and bioinspired materials from nanocellulose: challenges and opportunities

LI Yuesheng (Tianjin Univ.)

Development of facile and efficient strategy to chemical modified isotactic polypropylene with well-defined structure

BOUQUEY Michel (Univ. of Strasbourg)

Using intensified polymerization processes to elaborate novel polymeric materials

SANSON Nicolas (ESPCI ParisTech – PSL)

Cold Welding or How Polymer/Surfactant Interactions Promote the Welding of Colloidal Gold Nanoparticles

WANG Changchun (Fudan Univ.)

Stimuli-responsive biodegradable polymer nanoparticles for triggered drug delivery system

BASCHNAGEL Joerg (Univ. of Strasbourg)

Modeling of solvent evaporation from thin glass-forming polymer films: Molecular-dynamics simulations and diffusion equation approach

WU Zongquan (Hefei Univ. of Tech.)

Facile Synthesis of Stereoregular Helical Polyisocyanide and Its Copolymers