Institut Charles Sadron News

Kids University by ICS PhD students

"Kid's University", a day of immersion for secondary school students in the world of university organised by the Jardin des Sciences

Poster prize of Soft Matter days

Mathilde Lescure was awarded the poster prize at the Soft Matter Meeting 2024.

Daniel Grande takes over the direction of the ICS

After more than 8 year, Christian Gauthier, Full Professor at Unistra, passes on the directorship of the ICS to Daniel Grande, CNRS Research Director.

Best oral communication at GDRB2i days in Mulhouse

Capucine Loth was awarded for the best oral communication at the GDR B2i Days 2024 in Mulhouse.

Faites de la Science at ICS - 2024

On the 25th of June was the "Fête du Labo", combining conviviality with scientific presentations.

Enhancing the stability in thermoelectric polymer thin films

Anion exchange helps improve and stabilize thermoelectric properties of oriented and doped films of polymer semiconductors

19th Scientific Day of the GFP-Section Est

On Wednesday 12 June, the ICS hosted the 19th Scientific Day of the GFP-Section Est.

Pierced: theory of elastocapillary bubbles on needles

Researchers of the ICS have established a theory which allows to predict the inflation of a bubble (drop) with an elastocapilallry skin on a needle

Tuning the disorder in nanoparticle assemblies

The self-assembly of gold nanoparticles within cavities with different shapes yields supercrystals with complex inner structures.

Soft Matter Meeting

The third edition of the Strasbourg Soft Matter Meeting will take place in Strasbourg from June, 26th to 28th (2024)

A new CNRS Silver Medal at the ICS

Nicolas Giuseppone receives the CNRS Silver Medal 2024

Welcome to Jennifer Rodon Fores

Jennifer joins the PECMAT team as a CNRS researcher to develop biomaterials based on peptide self-assemblies