Institut Charles Sadron News

Pierced: theory of elastocapillary bubbles on needles

Researchers of the ICS have established a theory which allows to predict the inflation of a bubble (drop) with an elastocapilallry skin on a needle

Soft Matter Meeting

The third edition of the Strasbourg Soft Matter Meeting will take place in Strasbourg from June, 26th to 28th (2024)

One-step fiber production-functionalization

The production of polymer microfibers and their surface functionalization was conducted by microfluidics in one step.

INJELEC project winner of the Mature Your PhD contest

The INJELEC project, which aims to develop a 100% polymer conductive material, was selected among the winners of the Mature Your PhD competition.

A USIAS 2023 Fellow in the IP² team!

In 2023, Madeline Vauthier is one of the 13 USIAS Fellows to continue her research projects.

A review on conjugated polymer alignment

A review in Macromolecules reports 15 years of research at ICS on alignment of conjugated polymers by high temperature rubbing

Senem Yilmazer wins the mature your PhD 2023 contest

The student from the Sycommor team was awarded this price by the SATT Conectus (transfer technology organization) for her innovative work on oleogels.


To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the French Physical Society, the ICS co-organised the organisation of a Masterclass for PhD students.

Quantum Coherence at Room Temperature

Quantum coherence has been achieved at room temperature in photoexcited chromophore-radical systems

Honeycomb-like conducting polymer structures.

A 3D fibrillar network of PEDOT:PSS can be transformed into macroporous honeycomb-like structure via the ice-templating method.

Antibacterial biosourced coatings inspired by cicada wings

Inspired by the structure of cicada wings, chitin-based coatings have been developed to prevent bacterial adhesion.

New insights into PU foam control

An ICS-BASF collaboration proves that the pore size of polyurethane foams can be set via controlled air entrainment