Institut Charles Sadron SYCOMMOR

The research activity of the SYCOMMOR group is focused on the processing-structure-property nexus of functional (macro)molecular systems used for instance in plastic electronics. The fundamental questions tackled in the group concern the understanding of morphogenesis and structure-formation mechanisms in functional macro(molecular) systems and their impact on material’s properties (electronic, opto-electronic, rheological, thermoelectric). Structural control is achieved by chemical engineering based on self-assembly and physico-chemical methods such as physical gelation, aerogel fabrication by supercritical CO2 extraction, epitaxy and high-T rubbing. Materials of interest include functional organogelators, semi-conducting polymers, pi-conjugated self-assembled systems as well as their associations in so-called “hybrid” materials.

Our research activity is based on the group’s expertise in chemical engineering, morphological/structural analysis by TEM, neutron scattering and material’s property testing (UV-vis and FTIR spectroscopy, charge transport and thermoelectric properties, (piezo)rheology).

The SYCOMMOR group is directly connected to the Electronic Microscopy platform (head of the platform M. Schmutz).