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To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the French Physical Society, the ICS co-organised the organisation of a Masterclass for PhD students.

ICS wins the "Low-carbon" call for project

ICS is one of the 32 winners of the "Low-carbon" call for projects, with its 'Relamping' project to replace the neon lights in 20 laboratories with LE

Comic book Passion Physique by the French Physical Society!

The adventures of 6 young scientists - including A. Hourlier-Fargette (MIM team) - are compiled in a comic book for the 150th anniversary of the SFP.

How to Grow a Polymer Crystal in Molecular Simulations

TSP members report unprecedentedly large multi-lamella polyethylene crystals grown in molecular simulations, now published in ACS MacroLetters.

Quantum Coherence at Room Temperature

Quantum coherence has been achieved at room temperature in photoexcited chromophore-radical systems

Honeycomb-like conducting polymer structures.

A 3D fibrillar network of PEDOT:PSS can be transformed into macroporous honeycomb-like structure via the ice-templating method.

The greenhouse gaz emission 2022 assessement of the ICS

The ICS evaluated its greenhouse gaz emission for 2022 and continues its effort!

Effect of electrical field on bilayer pore formation

The M3 team showed that the classical pore formation model needs to be amended.

A comic promotes the heritage of the Charles Sadron Institut

The Jardin des Sciences, in collaboration with the artist G. Deloizon, has released an interactive comic strip to promote the heritage of the ICS

Antibacterial biosourced coatings inspired by cicada wings

Inspired by the structure of cicada wings, chitin-based coatings have been developed to prevent bacterial adhesion.

CNRS bronze medal at the ICS!

Amparo Ruiz-Carretero among the 2023 CNRS bronze medal laureates

ICS is looking for its next director

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