Institut Charles Sadron News

Tuning the disorder in nanoparticle assemblies

The self-assembly of gold nanoparticles within cavities with different shapes yields supercrystals with complex inner structures.

A new CNRS Silver Medal at the ICS

Nicolas Giuseppone receives the CNRS Silver Medal 2024

Welcome to Jennifer Rodon Fores

Jennifer joins the PECMAT team as a CNRS researcher to develop biomaterials based on peptide self-assemblies

Call for applications: CNRS Tenure Track Position

The ICS is searching highly motivated candidates for a Tenure Track position on polymer synthesis assisted by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Welcome to Daniel Grande

Daniel joins the IP2 team and will become head of the ICS in july 2024

ICS is a partner of a CNRS “Quality of working life” project

The ICS is a partner of a CNRS “Quality of working life” project (call 2023). This project focuses on equality as a determining factor

The scientific mediation medal awarded to W. Drenckhan!

Wiebke Drenckhan received the CNRS scientific mediation medal for her engagement in sharing science with the public coupling art with foam physics.

Hommage to Paul Rempp, former ICS member

The pioneer of macromolecular engineering left us at the age of 95

Award « Espoir de l’Université de Strasbourg » at the ICS!

Six researchers have been awarded a scientific prize « Espoirs » of the Unistra, including Aurélie Hourlier-Fargette (MIM team)

Anisotropic coil dimensions of polyelectrolytes in LbL-films

The flattened conformation of individual polyelectrolyte chains in LbL-assembled films was established by high resolution GISANS

ICS wins the "Low-carbon" call for project

ICS is one of the 32 winners of the "Low-carbon" call for projects, with its 'Relamping' project to replace the neon lights in 20 laboratories with LE

Comic book Passion Physique by the French Physical Society!

The adventures of 6 young scientists - including A. Hourlier-Fargette (MIM team) - are compiled in a comic book for the 150th anniversary of the SFP.