Institut Charles Sadron News

How to Grow a Polymer Crystal in Molecular Simulations

TSP members report unprecedentedly large multi-lamella polyethylene crystals grown in molecular simulations, now published in ACS MacroLetters.

The greenhouse gaz emission 2022 assessement of the ICS

The ICS evaluated its greenhouse gaz emission for 2022 and continues its effort!

Effect of electrical field on bilayer pore formation

The M3 team showed that the classical pore formation model needs to be amended.

A comic promotes the heritage of the Charles Sadron Institut

The Jardin des Sciences, in collaboration with the artist G. Deloizon, has released an interactive comic strip to promote the heritage of the ICS

CNRS bronze medal at the ICS!

Amparo Ruiz-Carretero among the 2023 CNRS bronze medal laureates

ICS is looking for its next director

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Welcome to Rémi Plamont

Rémi Plamont joins the SAMS team as a CNRS researcher

Leïla Garnier at the MT180s regional final

Discover Leïla Garnier on Thursday, March 9 at 2:30 pm on Youtube

Polymorphous Packing of Pentagons

We pack pentagonal nanoprisms into long-range mesocrystals and obtain the long-predicted ice-ray lattice, but also a continuum of polymorphs.

Muhammad Haseeb Iqbal wins C'Nano 2022 thesis award

Muhammad Haseeb Iqbal is the winner of the C'Nano 2022 "Interdisciplinary Research" thesis award that will be given at C'Nano 2023 congress.

Matthew Tirrell (Uni. Chicago) Gutenberg chair 2022 laureate

Matthew Tirrell, dean of the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering at the University of Chicago, is 2022 Gutenberg Chair Laureate.

Javid Abdurahim,

Javid Abdurahim is one of the winner of the Mature your PhD Challenge, which aims to facilitate the professional integration of PhD students!