Institut Charles Sadron BJC

For Master, PhD students and post-doctoral researchers.
Aims : Organized by the Young Researcher Office (BJC) of the Institut Charles Sadron, this career fair is designed to offer students, graduates and young researchers the chance to explore the different career paths, prepare them to reach their future goals and interact with different companies.
Details : In order to help students transition to a professional status, a cycle of conferences is proposed on the basis of their professional projects. From your first year as PhD student onwards, it is important to build your professional network not only virtually (social networks) but also in real life. This is why the following WTF’s Career Days offer the opportunity to exchange and discuss with different former PhD students working in private companies and experts in the matter of professional integration.
These lectures are given in English and are open to all researchers. They are considered as “cross-training and professional development” hours by three different doctoral schools (ED 182, ED 222 and ED 269). Delicious coffee, tea and cookies will be served.
Location : Amphitheatre Henri Benoit at the Institut Charles Sadron (Building 75, Cronenbourg Campus).

If you have any questions about coming to a WTF’s Career Day, contact our team :
July 2019Prof. F. Müller, vice president European Research Policy, Evonik
June 2019Satt Conectus
February 2019Association Bernard Grégory « Knowledge of businesses and professions accessible to doctors »
January 2019Round table: How to finance your research Dr. Amparo Ruiz-Carretero, Dr. Delphine Chan-Seng, Dr. Emilie Moulin, Dr. Laure Biniek and Dr. Chloé Mousset

December 2018Company day 3: Dr. Marie-Laure Hissette-Jourdainne (CEO of H&J Intelligence) and Dr. Laurent Jourdainne (Merck)

February 2018Company day 4: Round table with former PhD students from Institute Charles Sadron Dr. Alexandru Sarbu, Dr. Patrycja Polinska, Dr. Eric Huebsch, Dr. Guillaume Boisot and Dr. Guillaume Klein

October 2017Company day 2: Round table with former PhD students from University of Strasbourg

June 2017Association Bernard Grégory
« How to build your professional project? »
June 2017Company day 1: Dr. Thilo Lehre, Senior Manager in Corporate Research Department : Intelligent chemical devices
June 2017Kick off presentation of our WTF’s career days followed by a Round Table on academic career paths in France