Institut Charles Sadron TSP

The main research topic of our group is the physics of soft matter systems. Soft matter physics is an interdisciplinary field encompassing statistical physics, materials science, and biophysics. Particular emphasis is placed in our group on systems involving polymers. We deploy theoretical methods (mean field theory, scaling arguments, field theory, ...) and computer simulations (Monte Carlo, molecular dynamics, ...) to explore structural and dynamic properties close to and far from equilibrium.

The theoretical study of polymer and soft matter systems is difficult due to the extremely wide range of length and time scales which govern their behavior. This challenge can often only be met by studying coarse-grained models characterized by a small number of effective parameters. Whenever possible, we attempt to link these models and their parameters to measurable quantities, or to base our description on a chemically realistic model of the system under study.

We are interested in multiple topics related to soft matter.

You can find more details on our recent activities with the following topics :