Institut Charles Sadron Equipement

Tribometer acheté le 2014-06-01

This high load tribometer (1N - 1000N) is dedicated to the measurement of mechanical properties of surfaces. Scratch, indentation, contact creep - recovery of residual imprints and scratch fatigue tests can be performed on this device. Equipped with a thermal chamber, the environment of the sample can be controlled in temperature and humidity during the tests. Additional measurement systems complete this equipment: imaging system for in-situ visualization of the contact between indenter and surface, imaging system for tracking the recovery of residual imprints, rotary module for high-speed tests ( up to 6m/s), interferometric microscope for observation and mapping of surfaces and test areas.

Responsable : Favier Damien
Localisation : G008
Visiblité : externe
Provenance : fabricant
Réservable : oui