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Publié le 29/05/2020 par Drenckhan Wiebke


Since its foundation in 1947, the ICS has established itself as a global player in the science of macromolecules and self-assembled soft matter systems at the interface between chemistry, physics and engineering. The highly dynamic research activities of the institute are strengthened by the close collaboration of seven multi-disciplinary research teams and four dedicated technical platforms.

In experimental soft matter physics, the research at the ICS is concerned with (i) structure-property relations of heterogeneous soft-matter based systems (e.g. smart colloidal systems, hybrid materials, nano-composites, mechano-responsive and/or electro-active materials, tailored functional foams, etc.) and (ii) mechanisms of interaction between complex systems and their environment (e.g for lipid membranes, electrolytes, active matter, etc.). In all cases, the systems involve a wide range of characteristic length, time or energy scales, and may be far from equilibrium.

Within this broad context, we are looking for a dynamic experimental soft-matter physicist who is motivated by the opportunities to work in a multi-disciplinary environment and to join one of the following four research teams:

  • MCUBE – Physics of Membranes and Soft Matter
  • MIM – Mechanics of Interfaces and Multiphase Systems
  • PECMAT – Polyelectrolytes, Complexes and Materials
  • SYCOMMOR – Organized Molecular and Macromolecular Complex Systems

The research activities of the recruited physicist will benefit from the complete technical infrastructure of the ICS platforms (polymer characterization, electron microscopy, mechanics, etc.) and the expertise of the research teams (SAXS, WAXS, light  scattering, electron diffraction, cryo EM, optical and fluorescence microscopy, optical tweezers, oscillatory and piezo rheology, tensiometry, thin film studies, etc.). The development of new experimental set-ups, in relation with the topics of existing research teams, and interest to collaborate with the TSP (Theory and Simulation) group at the ICS are also highly welcome.

Application procedure

A successful application consists of two steps:

1. Send one PDF file containing a motivation letter and a CV no later than 20th of  August 2020 to  . The motivation letter should outline the positioning relative to the research described above and suggest the research group to be joined.

Based on these applications, we will invite about 5 applicants for an interview. The interviews will take place as of end of September 2020. They consist of an institute seminar at the ICS (1h) and ample possibility to exchange with the researchers of the ICS.

2. Based on these interviews, the ICS will select one or two candidates for the 2021 recruitment campaign of the CNRS (in the Sections 5, 9 or 11 of the CNRS). The pre-selected candidate(s) has to prepare a research proposal to be submitted at the beginning of January 2021 to the CNRS in collaboration with one of the research teams of the ICS and in view of her/his integration into this team. This team will be instrumental in helping prepare the proposal and also the interview by the national CNRS committee. The precise date of the interview is not known yet, but will be in March/April 2021 in Paris. The CNRS committee will evaluate the scientific excellence of the candidate, of the research project and of its coherence with the overall ICS activities.

If approved by the CNRS committee, employment as a permanent CNRS researcher (Chargé de Recherche) will start as of October 2021.