Institut Charles Sadron Plateformes

Caractérisation de polymères

The characterization platform groups together techniques for the chemical and physical-chemical characterization of polymers and colloids at the molecular level. The platform is opened to external analysis requests. The running is ensured by a staff of one research engineer, one assistant-engineer and one technician. The platform has the ISO9001:2015 certification.



High technology MICASOL platform at SOLEIL synchrotron for the study of the structure and behaviour of the materials, from the molecular and nanometric scale to the mesoscopic and macroscopic scale.


Microscopie électronique

The platform (ISO9001 certified) has one scanning electron microscope, two transmission electron microscopes and the equipments for sample preparation. The platform has developed, among others, a unique expertise in cryo-microscopy.



The micro and nanomechanical platform makes available, for academic and industrial collaborations, the innovative techniques developed at the ICS for studying the properties of polymer surfaces with a specificity, in situ observation. All the equipment allow to probe the materials at different speeds, temperatures and relative humidity, and to work at scales ranging from nanometres to millimetres. The platform has also tests for characterizing the volume properties and an X-ray tomography during the instrumentation for the in situ mechanical tests.